Have You Been Improving Your Landing Pages?

The obvious answer is, yes you hope that you are. Let us have a look at 5 ways you can better optimize your landing pages for more conversions, whether for sales or lead generation.5 Tips for Optimizing Landing PagesSuccinct and to the point - Generally a landing page has one specific intent that you want [...]

Low-Cost Content And Shoestring Marketing Result in Success

A single piece of inexpensive content that goes viral could be worth every one of the marketing dollars in the world. It goes without saying, though, that making something go viral is not guaranteed. If that were the case, most local businesses would shed their marketing costs immediately. The following aspects are what push a [...]

Offline Marketing Ideas for Local Businesses

1. Getting Offline Marketing Back to the Forefront2. Study a Little Guerrilla Marketing3. Printed Material Is Still EffectiveWith online technology offering numerous marketing methods, you probably still see fliers in your mailbox or on local community boards. This is because, regardless of what you think of traditional marketing, printed material still works.A simple flier, for [...]

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Tips For Visual Content for Marketing

Get Going with Visual Content MarketingVisual content is all the rage over the Web right now, and if you need proof of this you only need to look at your Facebook newsfeed,  is packed with images, memes and videos all vying for your attention. For folks who love stats, it's worth noting that 87% of [...]

5 Ways to Market Your Small Business on a Limited Budget

 When you face needing to market your business with a scant or non-existent marketing budget, you are pushed to come up with creative yet effective ways to make things happen.Fortunately we live in an age where you can find more outlets and opportunities available than ever before, so what is required is a little grit [...]

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5 Social Media Goofs To Avoid

It's way too easy to make mistakes on social media that can cost your reputation big time. That which was said in passing or a seemingly "clever" remark can swiftly turn into a tsunami of complaints that is not all that easy to overcome.Many a business has learned the hard way what NOT to do [...]

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5 ways you can extend the reach of your content

You've done it! You created awesome content that will solve many of the world's ills with ease. If only they get the chance to read it.The major stumbling block to most content doing the job it was created to do is the lack of eyeballs on it. Producing the content is only half the battle: [...]

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Content Marketing for E-Commerce Can Make A Difference

It doesn't really matter what you sell on your e-commerce site, you should definitely market your business with content. This is because engaging and unique content would help create trust among your audience, build your brand, and keep your consumers informed about your latest products.Not only that, you'll be able to share your content on [...]

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Your Email List to Get More Visitors to Your Blog

One thing we can all use is more visitors to our blogs. We know the power of blogging, and understand that content is indeed King, so it naturally follows that we want as many people as possible to benefit from the content on our blogs.With many options for delivering visitors to your pages, it's very [...]

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Check Out these 5 E-Commerce Software Solutions

You've made a decision to take the plunge and set up your online store, but are stumped on how to obtain the best e-commerce solution for your particular business. Don't despair, you're hardly alone. A lot of aspiring merchants have to deal with this question at one point or another, and what we want to [...]

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