Small Business Marketing Strategies That Save Money

1.Save Money Using These Small Company Marketing Strategies2.Do Not Leave Great Content in the Garbage Can 3.Recycle Great ContentEvery business that partcipates in content marketing has intermittent great pieces of content that actually get noticed. This can explain why inbound marketing strategies,for example content marketing, net 54% more leads than their outgoing counterparts. So if [...]

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The Ice Bucket Challenge and Social Media Marketing Gold

Get the Timing RightGetting Noticed is Half the BattlePeople engaging in the Ice Bucket Challenge had the option between dousing themselves or donating to the cause. While those doing the challenge, per the rules, did not have to donate, their participation ensured huge attention that led to many donations. This works for small businesses on [...]

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SEO Strategies for a Successful 2016

Updated SEO Methods for 2016By 2014, time spent on the net with mobile devices had outpaced that seen on desktop computers for the first time. Some marketers haven't yet adjusted, but this marketplace is not going anywhere. Always build your websites with mobile in mind, because if you do not you will be losing money.Utilize [...]

How Link Building Will Take Local Businesses to the Next Level

Although it is simple for the layperson to condense promoting a business down to inbound and outbound marketing, any actual marketer knows it isn't that simple. There are lots of aspects that come in conjunction with marketing a business, and some of the most important sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Link building, for instance, [...]

Common Email Marketing Mistakes That May Be Avoided

1: Sending Out Untested Emails2:Making It Difficult to UnsubscribeHave you ever tried to unsubscribe from an email list only to find that the corporation makes you jump through hoops? This will annoy customers, and in the end, many will simply mark an email as spam to ensure they don't have to see further correspondence. This [...]

How to Utilize LinkedIn for your Small Business

LinkedIn has come a long way from the professional job posting site that got your resume posted to people who could hire you. Although it can still serve that purpose in a somewhat more sleek way, LinkedIn has turned into a must-do marketing resource for small business. If your small business is not taking advantage [...]

Have You Been Improving Your Landing Pages?

The obvious answer is, yes you hope that you are. Let us have a look at 5 ways you can better optimize your landing pages for more conversions, whether for sales or lead generation.5 Tips for Optimizing Landing PagesSuccinct and to the point - Generally a landing page has one specific intent that you want [...]

Low-Cost Content And Shoestring Marketing Result in Success

A single piece of inexpensive content that goes viral could be worth every one of the marketing dollars in the world. It goes without saying, though, that making something go viral is not guaranteed. If that were the case, most local businesses would shed their marketing costs immediately. The following aspects are what push a [...]

Offline Marketing Ideas for Local Businesses

1. Getting Offline Marketing Back to the Forefront2. Study a Little Guerrilla Marketing3. Printed Material Is Still EffectiveWith online technology offering numerous marketing methods, you probably still see fliers in your mailbox or on local community boards. This is because, regardless of what you think of traditional marketing, printed material still works.A simple flier, for [...]

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Tips For Visual Content for Marketing

Get Going with Visual Content MarketingVisual content is all the rage over the Web right now, and if you need proof of this you only need to look at your Facebook newsfeed,  is packed with images, memes and videos all vying for your attention. For folks who love stats, it's worth noting that 87% of [...]