5 Tips for Winning with Facebook Ads

How to Get Better Results from Your Facebook Ads In the world of paid advertising Facebook Ads have grown to be the number one tool for marketers wanting to get their offers and content in front of vast audiences for a reasonable price. When compared to other pay per click platforms, such as Google Adwords, [...]

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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Get Going with Online Marketing

Learning How to Market Your Small Business Congratulations! You've made the decision to take your business online, and now it's time to get about some marketing. We're assuming that you have the basics: a website with your own URL, not built on anyone else's platform. (i.e. Blogger, Wix, etc) You want to own your business, [...]

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How to Know What Google Uses to Determine Where your Web Pages Rank

There are many factors that go into determining where your pages rank in the Google search results, at last count more than 200 and growing. And this is only a guess, based on the available empirical evidence SEO's and webmasters have been able to divine from looking intently behind the curtain. Don't be stuck guessing, [...]

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Restaurant Birthday Club

SUMMARY: In this article, we'll discuss proven strategies that are working now in the restaurant industry, that are helping restaurants increase foot traffic, sales, and customer retention by upwards of 20%, following a simple 3-step system. Below this read you'll want to check out the detailed case study on on how we helped a national franchise: Generate 928 *new customer [...]

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How to Make Your Site Google-Friendly

Do Better in Google by Giving It What It Wants! While a lot of people think content marketing as the darling of the search engines presently, there is another factor to ranking your pages well, and that lies on the technical side of things. Google loves to reward pages that are technically well done with [...]

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