Display Advertising Overview

This video explains how display advertising works and the key benefits you'll gain from this from of advertising. If you have any specific questions on starting a campaign for your business, please reach out to us at 864-406-9358.  

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How to Handle Negative Reviews in a Positive Manner

Don't hesitate from setting up your online social media in fear of negative reviews or comments. It happens to the best of businesses. Every so often a customer will post a negative review that is sure to sway potential customers regarding your business, products or service. It just can't be helped. You can't always control [...]

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Great Tips for Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

  Video marketing is all the rage and making it a part of your online strategy is a good move, but it goes without saying that you need a plan to help make this work the way it should. The average internet user watches 206 videos each month, and more important, videos are 4X more [...]

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How to Build Better backlinks in 2015

  Backlinks are a big part of ranking well with Google, it only makes sense to use best practices for acquiring backlinks that not only count with Google, but are going to hold up scrutiny. For most, understanding what Google wants when it comes to backlinks is a complicated enterprise, and one fraught with dire [...]

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Optimizing your Images: What You Need to Know

For a lot of business owners, optimizing your website images is one of the last things you think of, if it's thought of at all! However this can hurt your pages in several ways. Not only can you hurt your own site's SEO, you will lose out on a number of benefits that optimizing your [...]

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