How can you use Social proof?

Learn What Social Proof is and How It Can Best Be Used Once social media became the immense resource it is, it was just a matter of time before the concept of social proof, which is the tacit approval and conformation to a particular point of view or taste because lots of their compatriots do, [...]

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Blog content Tips

Need More and Better Content in 2015? Check Out These 7 Tips Heading into a new year we like to look at what we should do to make elements of our content marketing improve, and this year is no exception. Since content is still the once and future king, it is altogether appropriate to give [...]

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What is your Marketing Plan?

Making sure you have  a comprehensive and workable marketing plan together for your online business should be one of the first orders of the first quarter in 2015. Make sure to know the direction you are headed is always a good idea. A  clear plan is a necessity along with organization of you on-line branding [...]

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