How Local Business Owners Can Make the Most of Marketing Budgets

New content is certainly important to keeping audiences engaged, but there is no need to just forget old content. If something is particularly popular, hold onto it a month or more to get further use from it. The buzz will eventually die down, and it is at that point that you should re-share it. You [...]

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Why Some Small Businesses Avoid Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Unlike other marketing strategies, you only spend money on PPC ads when people actually click them. Unfortunately, this isn't always a good thing. Even consumers who don't end up making a purchase will cost you money if they click the ad.Unintended Clicks Cost MoneyThe beauty of PPC ads is that you will only be charged [...]

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Local Business Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

A music shop, for instance, would do better with a topic like "Learning Basic Guitar Chords" rather than "How to Play the Guitar" due to the latter's noticeable broadness. Using broad subjects might get some clicks, but pinpointing clients' specific needs is smarter.Poor WritingSome business owners believe that the expertise they offer will make up for [...]

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