It’s way too easy to make mistakes on social media that can cost your reputation big time. That which was said in passing or a seemingly “clever” remark can swiftly turn into a tsunami of complaints that is not all that easy to overcome.

Many a business has learned the hard way what NOT to do in social media, and paid the price in lost revenue and reputation. The old saw that no publicity is bad publicity never had to face a world where your comments and words can fly around the world in an instant, and get shared in hundreds or thousands of places.

Since we depend so much today on social media word of mouth, let’s have a look at 5 ways you can help eliminate these social media mistakes.

5 Social Media Goofs to Watch Out For

1.Being combative online – When you have a customer complaint and they bring it to your attention in one of your social media channels, this is an opportunity for you to shine rather than fight or hide. Take the high road, respond professionally, go that step further and remember that this type of person for most businesses represents a tiny percentage of customers. No matter what you do, don’t get into a food fight online!

2.Ignoring your social media – If you aren’t in the habit of checking on your social media but once a month or so, don’t be surprised if a lot of things, all not good, occur. You won’t grow, engagement will be non existant, and when you finally want to reach out no one will care. Be a regular presence and contribute.

3.Trying to buy fans – While there are many out there more than willing to sell you a slew of fans and followers, the truth is that this will only come to grief for you. They aren’t real, don’t know you from Adam, and won’t be useful when you need them. Do it the old fashioned way; earn it!

4.Too many pitches – You can and should market to your social following, but only after you’ve earned the right to by giving, contributing, engaging and winning trust. Then, only do so in about one out of five posts.

5.Giving the job to someone with no experience – One of the surest ways to have issues is to have a social media novice run your business accounts. Don’t trust this to anyone who is just getting started, as they will, through no fault of their own, make mistakes, and you will pay for them. Hire experienced people, or train them up.

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