A lot of people have bought into the mistaken belief that SEO and content marketing are two separate beasts. Perhaps that was somewhat true back in the day, these days the two are so intertwined as to be thought of concurrently.

Without content there is truly no need for SEO, and without SEO your content is relegated to the nether-reaches of the search engines.

It’s time to appreciate the sibling relationship SEO and content marketing share, and start exploiting it for your site’s success. Here are some tips to get you started.

SEO for Content Marketing – 7 Useful Tips!

Integrate keywords naturally (but with SEO in the back of your mind!) – Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing your way to top rankings, but they still play a vital role. Make sure you use your primary keyword in titles, in the front of your content, and other strategic places.

Still do on-page SEO – It’s still very important, perhaps more than ever before, to make sure things like SEO title tags, Meta data, image tags and H1 tags are crafted properly.

Satisfy searcher intent – These days Google is on a quest to make sure that they are serving the best content to match the query as possible. This means you now should focus on writing entirely on-topic, and not concern yourself with satisfying the search algorithm.

Get mobile ready – More than half of all traffic is now served to a mobile device of some flavor, making it imperative to make sure your pages are mobile friendly.

Be social – Cross promote your content on social media and by all means employ social sharing buttons on your pages.

Utilize visual content – People process images 60,000 times faster than text, so it only makes sense to use as much visual content as possible. It also helps average time on page, which IS a ranking factor.

Use related verbiage – In Google’s quest to serve up the best, most authoritative content they can, they are on the lookout for content that contains expert verbiage on the topic. Make sure that is you!

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