Need More and Better Content in 2015? Check Out These 7 Tips

Heading into a new year we like to look at what we should do to make elements of our content marketing improve, and this year is no exception. Since content is still the once and future king, it is altogether appropriate to give it value.

While there will always be changes happening, such as the need for longer and more quality content, the changing mediums where that content can be delivered and more, it’s beneficial to plan how we can fill up our content marketing calendar in 2015.

So let’s dive right into what you will need to consider when doing your content marketing planning.

7 Ideas for content that you can utilize in 2015

1. Video – It’s been said most every year for some time, but video simply refuses to back down. It will see another surge in growth this year, and is an ideal vehicle for delivering content. Make it your business to either start or maximize your video marketing footprint this year.

2. Use social media more effectively – Take full advantage of what social media can do for your content marketing. It can be a platform, it can promote, and it can be a valuable intelligence tool.

3. Look back at 2014 – Take a journey down memory lane and figure out what worked well for your audience in 2014. This can easily be done by looking at site analytics and customer comments, to see what struck a chord last year.

4. Ask your audience – Take a poll, quiz or survey to generate user interests. If in doubt, ask!

5. Repurposing your best content – Take popular pieces of content and repurpose them into different media. For instance, slice up a good post into social media posts, videos, Tweets and even memes.

6. Curate great content – Another excellent way of providing value for your audience while at the same time boosting your own authority and content is by curating content you find on the Web.

7. Try new flavors of content – If there is some channel of content creation you’ve yet to explore, such as podcasts or long form content like whitepapers, perhaps now is the time. Your audience may be hungering for this!