Basics of SEO for Content Marketing

  A lot of people have bought into the mistaken belief that SEO and content marketing are two separate beasts. Perhaps that was somewhat true back in the day, these days the two are so intertwined as to be thought of concurrently. Without content there is truly no need for SEO, and without SEO your [...]

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How to Build your Blog Traffic

If you've started a blog for your small business you know the worst thing that can happen is that no one reads it. After all, that sorta defeats the purpose, am I right? There are amazing benefits to having a vibrant and engaging business blog, chief among them items like new leads, brand building, helping [...]

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Want to Publish on LinkedIn? Here’s how!

Want to Publish on LinkedIn? Here's how! Everyone who has published on LinkedIn raise your virtual hands... Not many consider LinkedIn when deciding where to publish content, and in point of fact, that's a big mistake. Now that the platform is open to all LinkedIn users, we need to reset our minds to think of [...]

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Using Instagram in Your Business

Instagram has taken over the world and big to small brands are using it to market their product or services. Facebook recently recognized this as well, and bought out the company. And while this may seem like a ripe opportunity for marketers, (it is) there are a few major differences you should be aware of [...]

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Tips to Learn Google Analytics

Google analytics can be a intimidating experience for most people, and as a result many business owners forego it altogether. This is a mistake. Making friends with this marvelous tool is the beginning of understanding how and why your website is performing the way it is, and gives you tremendous insight as to how to [...]

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6 reasons why online reviews are important for business.

Online customer reviews are important and very necessary for any size business. We live in an era in which brands are defined by those who experience them, rather than by those who own them. With unlimited access to sharing and receiving information online, there’s never been a time when consumers have had so much influence [...]

Great tips for Growing your Email List

It's obvious that one of the biggest keys to long term success online is through the use of nurtured customer and prospect email lists. And the odds are not ever in your favor: your list will lose around 22% efficacy annually, so it's your responsibility to make sure you're always building and growing your lists. [...]

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Learn Social Media Marketing for your Business

If you haven't yet embraced the reality that you'll need social media marketing from this point forward, well, I hope you have a Plan B for your online survival. The honest truth is that social media is pervasive now in nearly every facet of online marketing, and while the opportunity is great, so is the [...]

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Best Advertising for Small Businesses

Advertising Options for your Small Business Many times a small business owner draws a blank on the subject of determining how to spend their advertising budget. They often have never bought ads before, have minimal budget to work with, and don't even have a clue as to what's available to them. The fact is advertising [...]

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How to avoid 5 sales mistakes

How to Avoid making These 5 Crucial Sales Mistakes It's hard enough to get sales conversion without shooting yourself in the foot, so it's often useful to take a look at mistakes that are very easy to make in this area. While we all possess different skill levels and abilities, the majority of these apply [...]

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