Content marketing is definitely important these days, and more than that, it is an extremely effective way to gain search rankings, brand your company, energize social media and much, much more.

With the wide array of content publishing options at our fingertips today, one thing becomes abundantly clear: to be great at this you’re clearly going to need a content marketing calendar.

Keeping on top of all the many venues where you publish, monitoring production, holding people accountable, and certainly not least, being able to execute a coherent strategy makes going forward without a content marketing calendar downright foolhardy. So let’s take a peek at how you can create a workable content marketing calendar and strategy.

How many and who’s going to do it?

if you are a large company with several departments making use of the calendar, you’ll want to have a person dedicated to ensuring the overall plan is advancing, and people are held accountable.

This presupposes that you have a single content marketing calendar. We think this is best as even though there may be different people or teams working on different aspects of content creation, it is vital that there is a common vision and goals at play here. Having more than one calendar is asking for it, and really hampers efforts at promotion. Resist the calls for independence here.

This is to decrease the chances for assignments and deadlines falling too far behind, and jeopardizing marketing promotions that are inextricably intertwined.

What form should the content marketing calendar take?

Many times this is simply a spreadsheet customized for the task. This is often sufficient. There are numerous other forms of collaborative software if you have a large organization or want more automation.

There are also software solutions that do the job nicely, which might be the ticket for you if you have a sizable organization or simply wish to automate more of the task completion reporting and project management. Tools like Basecamp and Teamwork come quickly to mind, but there are dozens of quality programs to choose from, so set aside some time to look them over. Be forewarned of the costs and learning curves to deal with this type of solution.

More often than not a simple solution works best, and we would encourage this to get started, especially of you haven’t before attempted to task your content marketing. Moving up to more sophisticated systems can always happen down the road if need be.

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