Getting People to Purchase After Offering Free Trial

Many prospective customers turn into “one-and-done” shoppers after receiving a free trial or discount. Luckily, these tips can go a long way in preventing this.

Commence Contact Immediately

Research has shown that 90 percent of leads actually go cold inside an hour. And that means you need to initiate contact right away. The simplest way of doing this is by sending an email. Whether you get it by having someone sign up for a trial run of your service or by joining your email list to get a price cut on a meal, the urgent action is to get it. Have an automated email dispatched, so even if they rapidly forget they signed up, they will have a reminder in their inbox.

Offer More Bonuses

Offering a different motivation might seem like a bit much, especially after providing a freebie, but in the end, this can seriously be worthwhile. The added incentive doesn’t have to be another freebie. A sandwich shop could offer an easy punch card loyalty program to keep people returning. Those offering advertising as a service could discount their yearly rate if paid up front. There are lots of other incentives to provide, so just use your imagination.

Keep Connection Open

Marketing experts say 10% of a small business’s monthly sales should go into free trials. This can be a large chunk of budget, so you should already be ready to keep communication lines open. Send out periodic emails or reminders, but make certain some are framed as helpful communications. People forget, so while daily emails are a bit overzealous, a few friendly reminders never hurt anyone.

Too many shoppers take full advantage of a free offer and then simply never come back. Fortunately, you can reduce the likelihood of this by simply being proactive.

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