I hope you had a stellar

productive day. Its back to normal

on this end. I’ve been in San Diego

at the Traffic & Conversion Summit

hosted by Digital Marketer (Ryan Deiss, perry

Belcher, and crew)



Anyhow, the event was AMAZING!

So many ‘ahh ahha moments’, key takeaways,

and information overload. I did my best to take notes,

but it was impossible to take it all in.  This was

hands down the best event i’ve ever been too.

Pure content and no pitch fest.



The event

ended with Branding expert and shark Tank

start Daymond John speaking! Awesome stuff.



But a few key takeaways I need to share with you to ensure you don’t get left behind:


CPP: Cost Per Pixel- Just like building an email list

is considered an asset, the new ‘gold rush’ is building

retargeting lists that you then do sequential marketing to. Just

about every speaker could not talk enough on the importance of

retargeting and implementing in a way that you can create ‘owned media’.


OLD MODEL IS DEAD: the typical model we’ve known for acquisition, activation, & Monetization

no longer works as effective. Standard model- Prospect >>lead page>>tripwire>>core offer

The new model that has worked extremely well for them is utilizing a combination of

native advertising and retargeting. If you pay attention to some of the top

media companies in the world, they follow this model. I’ll show you in a moment,

but the premise is to DELIVER VALUE FIRST.


NEW MODEL: prospect>>blog post/value content>>retarget audience>>put squeeze page in front of pixeld audience>>Tripwire>> core offer



Sounds like a lot of extra work right?

Well it is, but when you look at the core intent

of ad platforms, its all about delivering the best

user experience, and this accomplishes it.

Their is definitely more pieces to the puzzle, and

time would not permit to go over all or my scibbled

notes would not do it justice.


The key premise in the ‘NEW MODEL’ so to speak is native advertising.

As consumers continue to evolve, the notion of delivering value first

before asking for a sale will become more true. Start to pay attention

and this will become clear as day. Fortunately, its a breath of fresh air

as legit honest marketers like yourself will thrive, and the gimmicks

and tricks will continue to decline in effectiveness. We can all deliver

value and ad platforms and your customers will appreciate this. 















If ever in San Diego, its a place called Slaters 50/50.

They have grilled burgers that are 50% beef & 50% bacon!

WOW is the only way to describe it. Good! (sorry vegans, meet eaters)


====>Want ALL the notes from Traffic & Conversion summit? <<=====


Although I furiously took notes, the way they

had this thing structured it was too much

content and brain overload to write it all down.

It also cost $1997 a ticket + $297 for

the recordings which is only available

 to ticket purchasers.



However, one person Ryan Deiss

granted approval is allowed

to provide the complete notes in entirety to

you…They purposely keep this content private

and You’re not going to see this information

anywhere else unless you attended.

I recommend you check out the ==>NOTES HERE.<==



Keep on keeping on,



P.S) And just to say this again, yes

i was at T & C all last week and it was

more than worth it, and these notes you’ll want to have

to know ‘whats working now’ in 2015. Don’t get left behind. 



P.SS) If you made it this far, i’m already putting this method

into practice. Meaning, i dropped a retargeting pixel

on the blog post I made and you’ll probably see a

crazy ad on Facebook of me later 🙂