Hashtags have taken the internet by storm, and have become a value to the marketing world. They are in nearly every post, for many different reasons. Born on Twitter, which remains the most popular venue for hashtags, they have turned into a form of shorthand for a world that’s already short!

Now even Emojis are getting into the act, with Instagram announcing support for the little darlings. (Not yet on other networks)

Hashtags can serve many marketing purposes, some of them being be to engage with your audience, find out what they’re talking about and help you in your branding efforts.

To get you pointed in the right direction, here’s 5 tips you can use to make your hashtag marketing more effective.

5 Tips for Effective Hashtag Marketing

1.Research what your target audience is talking about – One of the highest and best uses for hashtags is to grab some quick intelligence on what your audience is thinking, reacting to, and talking about. This is golden, and can help the overall scope of your marketing efforts.

2.Check out paid promotion – Promoting your hashtag on Twitter can sometimes make a popular campaign wildly popular. Only do this when you’ve got a good one going. The goal here is to have your hashtag make in onto Twitter’s trending list.

3.Utilize local hashtags to promote – If you’re attempting to promote more than one local location of your business, it can be a good idea to employ locations in your hashtags. This is a quick and easy way to grab some Twitter search visitors from those looking for a service in a specific area.

4.Join in on the conversation – One great way to leech off of popular hashtags is to simply join the conversation, but by adding your own unique voice to the mix. A super way to leverage the popularity of popular hashtags.

5. Amplify your marketing with hashtags- Hashtags can be a great way to energize the success of already working campaigns, and help you make the most of them. Creating hashtags that continue the buzz and point to your campaigns are a great way to multiply your results.

Fast and simple to use, hashtags can be another arrow to add to your marketing quiver. Give them a shot today!

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