Updated SEO Methods for 2016

By 2014, time spent on the net with mobile devices had outpaced that seen on desktop computers for the first time. Some marketers haven’t yet adjusted, but this marketplace is not going anywhere. Always build your websites with mobile in mind, because if you do not you will be losing money.

Utilize Your Own Images

Images can still drive traffic towards a website, and this remains true even though they aren’t as critical as they once were. Uploading images is essential for SEO purposes, and you are going to do much better if you use unique images. Hundreds of sites could be using the same photo, but if you deliver something else entirely, you are going to jump out. You should definitely have this distinct advantage when advertising and marketing a company.

It Isn’t All About Keywords Anymore

It definitely helps to have specific keywords on a website’s copy to generate traffic, but it is not as important as it was previously. Search engines have evolved, and they now don’t require precise words to tell them what a individual is looking for. If someone is attempting to find information on an iPad, for example, Google could very well return several results based on Apple products and smart devices.

In reality, it is more about the searcher’s objective. Specific keywords can get them to your website, but if they quickly retreat to Google, the search engine will think the web page is not delivering on what it promises. So get your keywords in where possible, but be certain that you’re giving people what they want.

Keep Driving at Mobile

In 2014, the length of time spent browsing the web on mobile devices outpaced that of desktop computers. While many are sluggish to come around to this fact, it isn’t going to change. Your website needs to be designed with mobile access in mind, and if it isn’t, you are definitely going to lose customers over it.

Search engine optimization is not going anywhere as an invaluable promotional tool. Ensure you are keeping up with it.

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