Even though search engine optimization (SEO) seems clear-cut on paper, there are hundreds of interlocking pieces that should be monitored in practice if you require positive results.

When it comes to e-commerce sites, the process becomes even more complex than usual. In fact, e-commerce sites operate under a unique set of circumstances with a distinct set of best practices.

So to make this a reality let’s examine some of the more valuable aspects of SEO for e-commerce, and see if your pages measure up!

5 Important Aspects of SEO for E-commerce

Unique content – Don’t make the blunder that most newcomers to e-commerce make when creating their product pages, that is simply copying and pasting an Amazon or other product description they find somewhere onto their pages. This does not sit well with Google, and you won’t rank well. Make unique content for your pages!

Reviews and social proof – Very often the factor that tips the sale in your favor is the inclusion of product reviews and other social proof in the form of testimonials. These are gold: use them!

Use redirects on dead product pages – Too often when a product is no longer being sold, the page lives on, though usually in the form of a 404 error page. This is a bad on-site SEO signal to Google, and will hurt you. Instead, us a simple 301 redirect to send that traffic to new or current pages.

Use unique images – Similar to the above content situation, people often opt for the easy way and use the product images they find on Amazon or the vendor’s sites. If you are handy with Photoshop it’s easy to alter the image so that it’s unique in Google’s view.

Use different types of content – Shake it up on your e-commerce pages. Like other web pages, people like to see a variety of content, and this can make your product stand out. Videos, demos and testimonials can help immensely.

Using these small changes along with traditional on-page SEO can result in your pages leapfrogging over the competition. All it will require is a little more work!

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