Google analytics can be a intimidating experience for most people, and as a result many business owners forego it altogether. This is a mistake. Making friends with this marvelous tool is the beginning of understanding how and why your website is performing the way it is, and gives you tremendous insight as to how to correct things moving forward.

But everyone has to start somewhere, so in order to keep things simple, we’ve broken it down to 5 reports within analytics you’ll want to watch. This is doable, and will give you a glimpse into just how powerful this tool can be for you.

5 Analytics reports to keep an eye on

Search queries – This is one of the easiest ways to use Analytics keyword data, You need to have your Google Webmaster account connected to your GA account to make this work, but you have to do that anyway. Once done, this report provides you with the keywords you are ranking for, how many impressions they’re getting, number of clicks, and your click-through rate.

Mobile device use – If your site is not optimized well for mobile, and Google has provided us plenty of warning about an April 21st, 2015 algorithm change that will hurt sites that aren’t; this report shows you which pages are doing well with mobile.

Referring sites – Knowing which sites are sending you traffic (and links) on an ongoing basis is something you’ll want to check regularly. If that traffic begins to dip, you’ll want to know why, and see if there is a fix, such as a bad link, dated content or other reasons.

Session information – A report showing you data detailing how much time a visitor spends on your site, and on which pages and how long they are there. Since time on site and page is a big element in the search algorithm, this is highly prized information.

Pageviews and exit pages – The raw number of views a page gets is useful in many ways, and also the pages that people usually exit your site from is equally important.

Keeping a watchful eye on these basics will help you stay informed as to how well your pages are doing, and go a long way toward helping you better optimize your business.


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