Instagram has taken over the world and big to small brands are using it to market their product or services. Facebook recently recognized this as well, and bought out the company. And while this may seem like a ripe opportunity for marketers, (it is) there are a few major differences you should be aware of before attempting to market on Instagram.

The chief difference is the demographic of the site. Instagram is the darling of the younger set, and if you’ve got a product or service that you market to the 15-28 audience this is the prime place to market.  If most of your target audience is 30 or older, you may find it a little more challenging, however, the older audience is catching on. An important thing to note is whether or not there are images on Instagram connected with your product. Sometimes the imagery just isn’t a good fit, and if that’s the situation, you may not have a lot of success here. 

5 Tips for effectively marketing on Instagram

Here are 5 tips for marketing your business on Instagram.

  1. Post Videos – Instagram is flourishing with video content now, and the ability to add micro-videos (15 seconds long; as opposed to Vine’s 6 seconds) is a easy way to engage.
  2. Maximize Hashtags- Unlike Twitter where engagement goes in the toilet if you post more than 2 hashtags, on Instagram is crucial to use hashtags…as many as possible.
  3. Don’t over post – Conventional wisdom seems to be that less is more on Instagram. Don’t drench your followers feeds with photo spam, but post great images when you do.
  4. Instagram Profile – Utilize the bio section to link to brands website. Make sure you’ve completely filled out and optimized your Instagram profile the best you can, making it easier for your followers to contact and do business with you.
  5. Find and Follow other brands on Instagram – Follow any related brands you can find on Instagram. Copying their followers is a great idea.  A good tool to help with this is Statigram.

Instagram can be a beast for your business if you are fortunate enough to be in their audience demographic and can effectively market to them. Give it a try today!


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