Making sure you have  a comprehensive and workable marketing plan together for your online business should be one of the first orders of the first quarter in 2015.

Make sure to know the direction you are headed is always a good idea. A  clear plan is a necessity along with organization of you on-line branding and web presence. 

What should you really include in your plan for marketing in 2015? What specific items or initiatives stand out as things that will drive your business to where you want it to go.  Here are 5 things you’ll want to consider when creating your marketing plan.

5 Ideas for your first quarter 2015 marketing plan

1.Make sure to create a content marketing initiaive- One of your goals should be  to create and post more content? Understand that doing so can help in several ways. Not just for the immediate benefits of new and fresh content for your web properties, but also affording you the ability to repurpose some of that into various forms, multiplying your efforts.

2.Video is an important element – If you haven’t already started making video an integral piece of your marketing plan, the time is now! There are lots of ways to do this, and a lot of them don’t require you to even be on camera, so being camera shy is not an excuse!

3.Investigate your current SEO for business – If you’re not obtaining the organic search rankings you are after, it may be time to either do some SEO yourself, (if you are able) or hire it out to someone who knows how. This can pay dividends for some time moving forward.

4. Find alternative sources for traffic – Make it your business to investigate other forms of web traffic, and start using them. Simply putting all your eggs into the Google basket has never been wise, and considering that there are numerous great traffic sources available, now is the time. Perhaps it’s time for you to finally get into paid traffic as well this year.

5 Will you be adding any new products? – If you are planning to add another product, or several, this year, make sure to account for this in your plan, as it obviously will need some time and money too.