One thing we can all use is more visitors to our blogs. We know the power of blogging, and understand that content is indeed King, so it naturally follows that we want as many people as possible to benefit from the content on our blogs.

With many options for delivering visitors to your pages, it’s very easy to forget about what is probably the best way available: increasing the size and scope of your email subscriber list.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can grow your list of email subscribers, and then leverage that for more traffic to your blog.

The mechanics of building a larger subscriber base

There are lots of ways to go about gaining new subscribers to your email lists. Let’s have a look at several of the basic ways you’ll want to ensure that you have in place.

  • Put opt-in forms on your pages; every one of them!
  • Consider employing an exit popup
  • Offer a free resource to get people to sign up
  • Run an ad campaign to your offer page
  • Conduct a webinar
  • Use video marketing

Whichever methods you choose, the key is to take action immediately and consistently. This isn’t a one-time marketing activity, but a task you will be doing as long as you are in business.

How to leverage your list to your blog

Here’s where the magic comes in. When you publish new content on your blog, you email your subscribers about it, giving a short preview and including several links to the blog post.

This presupposes that you’re creating terrific content that needs to be seen. Even though it can take a while to build up enough critical mass to make this look like the tsunami of traffic it can be, you have to start somewhere.

Take advantage of visual content like videos and images, and even offer a bribe to get them there. Make sure you have social media buttons active in your email as well, as you never know who has a massive following.

The benefits of this type of action are many. You’ll get immediate direct traffic, and over time your posts will rank better in the search engine results and you’ll be getting a lot of new incoming backlinks to your pages.

To me that sounds pretty good, how about you?

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